Gain Muscle Again

You’ve heard the question before: “Shirts or skins?” Does your team want to keep their shirts on or take them off? Playing without a shirt may be one of the most underrated competitive advantages. The best defender on the court will completely change their game when it comes to guarding ‘the old guy’ on the skins’ team. When was the last time you played basketball without a shirt? How embarrassed would you be if you had to play on the skins team for a summer pickup game this week?

Maybe going shirtless for a pickup game is too far of a stretch. What if you’re working out in the yard or going swimming? Nothing says, “I’m embarrassed about my body” like wearing a t-shirt in the pool. Maybe age is your excuse: do you think you’re too old to go shirtless, even if it’s not for a pickup game? Age may be a big reason for your physique but there are plenty of men your age who don’t have the ‘Michelin Man’ midsection. Do you know the real reason why you look the way you do?

Your beer belly may be a sign of a more serious health condition: hypogonadism, clinically low testosterone. As many as one out of every four men in the U.S. age 30 or older is currently living with low testosterone. (ABC News) Low testosterone can be a precursor to deadly health conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and possibly prostate cancer. Having low testosterone also means that you could be suffering from several side effects, such as concentration issues, brain fog, lack of energy, retaining excess belly fat, depression and anxiety, and no sex drive.

Breathe easy, my friend. Restoring your hormones through testosterone replacement therapy can help get rid of your stubborn belly fat, rebuild your muscle mass and tone, and kickstart your metabolism. Within a few weeks or months of treatments, you could be the only ‘old guy’ with a great body driving the baseline with the young pups. Our Mantality team starts by taking a basic blood sample and then we can run a series of tests to find the baseline for your current hormone levels.

We help guys of all backgrounds, some of whom try to fix their low testosterone by themselves or by going to another clinic. Our team has seen it all, which is why we created a free resource called “10 mistakes to avoid when on Low T Treatment Programs” for your instant download here. Try not to laugh too hard at the mistakes other guys have made because they didn’t come to us first. We provide only the safest and most effective treatment for your low testosterone that won’t put your health in harm’s way. Download your free eBook now and schedule your next appointment today.