What Does Low Testosterone Look Like

On: March 15, 2021
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Depending on the man, low testosterone can look like many things. But there are some tall-tell signs that men get when they have low t. As men get older, it can occur much more often. Just like the changing phases in women, this can be a changing phase in men. Both need to be understood and can be adapted to. 

Balding and Hair Loss

Hair loss could be considered a very common thing to happen to men as they get older. This can be a clear sign of their testosterone levels lowering. Though balding can be a genetic symptom as well so it is important to understand which could be the reasoning. There are ways to “reverse” this. Hair plugs, toupees, hair spray, or even shaving bald. Some of these may seem more pleasant than others depending on the guy. 

Medical Conditions

As well as growing old, there are a few medical conditions that could also cause your T levels to also drop. Conditions like diabetes and Down Syndrome have been found to lower T in males. As well as many forms of cancer and then the following chemotherapy may also lead to a drop in testosterone. Depending on age and cause, going to a doctor may be beneficial if you feel as if your levels are dropping and you don’t believe it is because of age. 

Physical Body Changes

As one gets older, many things may change in the body. However, when adding the low levels of testosterone there may be some added changes. Things like weight gain and a decrease in bone mass may occur. It is important that if these changes do seem to be happening that the proper precautions are being made. Having less bone mass can lead to bones breaking easier. Things like exercising and having a proper diet will help keep bones strong, even as they become more brittle with age. 

Memory Issues

While aging may make the memory of men worse, lower testosterone levels may do this as well. This can look like not remembering the day before, or even far away events that used to be stored in a man’s mind. Some smaller studies have shown that taking testosterone supplements may have helped improve mens’ memory however it is still too soon to tell how well.  

Lower testosterone can all show in different ways, however, it is important to understand the possible outcomes. There are ways to help the symptoms, like testosterone supplements, or early on exercise and dieting, but these kinds of indications are bound to occur eventually in a man’s life. 


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