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Mantality Patients Discuss How TRT Changed Their Lives

While low testosterone was affecting his life, Chris decided to take matters into his own hands and came in to be tested, the rest became history.

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From professional athlete to super dad, Marc discusses how the symptoms of low t affected him and what he decided to do about it.

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Rick was suffering from low testosterone and after hearing a few ads on the radio, decided to get tested, we’ll let him tell you how he feels.

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Listen as Brian discusses the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy and how it has helped him conquer his goals and kick ass daily.

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How To Start

Start by simply selecting a clinic location that works for you and then contact our office directly to speak with a treatment coordinator. You may also book your in-personal consultation online using our scheduling calendar. Our initial consultations are always free.

Common Questions

Browse our most popular questions and should you not find what you’re looking for, know that we’re just a quick phone call away!

How does Mantality reduce the risk of side effects?2020-10-19T19:30:24-05:00

As with any medical treatment, side effects are always a common possibility; however, by going to the right medical professional, you can reduce your chances of experiencing them. At Mantality Health, licensed physicians closely monitor your progress to minimize the possibility of you experiencing symptoms. Our clinicians work to keep your testosterone levels in the optimal range which helps to reduce any side effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

With any medical procedure, there will always be both benefits and risks. So, we must weigh those potential risks or side effects of testosterone replacement therapy against the benefits of TRT. Just like any other treatment or procedure in the medical world, side effects are always related to how the treatment is administered and how well it is monitored by certified professionals. This is why, it’s so important to be picky when choosing the right medical provider who can carefully calibrate testosterone therapy to your specific needs.

Why do side effects happen during testosterone replacement therapy?2020-10-19T19:24:18-05:00

Your body has a natural state, and when we introduce “exogenous testosterone” or testosterone that is not produced naturally in the body, it tends to respond to that. But, pharmaceutical testosterone is a bio-identical testosterone that your body recognizes and uses just as it would naturally occurring testosterone.

At Mantality, we use pharmaceutical grade testosterone that is bio-identical to the body, and side effects occur only in the when you have elevated testosterone levels. While there are some side effects that are just the body’s natural response to metabolizing testosterone.

Does testosterone therapy affect fertility?2020-10-19T19:22:54-05:00

You may have lost interest in intercourse and that could be why you’re doing TRT because as we all know, a positive affect from TRT is an increase in performance and drive. But, many ask the question, does testosterone therapy affect fertility? The true answer is yes and no.

Let us explain: Testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone levels which affects the part of the brain (the hypothalamus and pituitary gland) which produces a chemical called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GNRH). GNRH speaks with the pituitary gland to tell it to produce two other hormones: luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH tells your testicles to produce sperm cells while LH triggers the production of testosterone. This is where the natural problem of Low T occurs. If this cycle fails, your body quits producing testosterone and your begin experiencing fatigue, stubborn fat, trouble losing weight, decreased sex drive and more. During testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) you may experience fertility issues because your body measures the presence of testosterone.

Does testosterone therapy effect prostate health?2020-10-19T19:20:34-05:00

While there are multiple studies about how testosterone replacement therapy can affect your prostate health, there are no links between undergoing TRT and prostate health. In a recent study by dr. Stacy loeb, there was no negative link found between the two (TRT and prostate health), in fact, the study found that 50% of the men had a decrease in their future risk for prostate cancer.

You must understand that men who have a history of prostate cancer, Low T treatment isn’t generally advised, that’s why we staff medical physicians to further assess your medical history and see if you’re fit for treatment. Elevated testosterone levels can have the possibility to cause prostate lesions to grow. As we stated above, testosterone is not a factor in prostate cancer. There are a plethora of factors that affect or cause prostate cancer such as low serum levels but TRT does not have a direct relation with prostate cancer.

Does testosterone therapy cause my blood to thicken?2020-10-19T19:19:02-05:00

While going through TRT, your blood may possibly thicken. This is due to a increase in red blood cell counts known as erythrocytosis. This is when the more “solid” portion of your blood, as you undergo treatment, the amount of red blood cells increase resulting in thicker blood. Under the supervision of medical professionals, this can be easily avoided by donating blood when needed.

Can you do treatment without the side effects?2020-10-19T19:19:12-05:00

While almost every medical treatment can cause side effects, with testosterone replacement therapy, these are easily managed through the close supervision during your treatment. The medical staff at Mantality understand what to watch for and how to monitor you during your treatment to ensure that the treatment makes you look better, feel better and perform better in all aspects of life.

What if something goes wrong?2020-10-19T12:47:48-05:00

We will discontinue your plan and recommend an appropriate provider to resolve your issue. Once there is a resolution, it is possible you may continue with the appropriate therapy.

What lab tests are performed later on?2020-10-19T12:47:15-05:00

We will consistently monitor the prostate and hormone levels plus certain blood counts.

What ages of men do you treat?2020-10-19T12:46:57-05:00

We generally treat men 30 years of age or older who have specific health concerns and objective low lab values. We require our patients to have a primary care doctor who will assess their overall health.

Will I get acne again or lose my hair?2020-10-19T12:46:36-05:00

It is slightly possible to have some of these symptoms, but typically this occurs when there is an excess of testosterone in the body. We strive to gradually raise your body’s levels to an acceptable healthy balance which should not produce these unwanted side effects.

Can you really help with chest fat (aka man boobs)?2020-10-19T12:46:15-05:00

Most of the time this is from too much estrogen in the body, which causes the body to retain both fat and water in the breast tissue. Appropriate testosterone therapy includes a medication to decrease excess estrogen.

Is it true that testosterone will cause my testicles to shrink?2020-10-19T12:45:55-05:00

This typically happens when patients are not prescribed HCG. Our treatment uses medications to optimize your natural production and decrease the likelihood of any testicular shrinkage. If for any reason our patients experience this during treatment, they should call our office to discuss their options.

What are the complications of testosterone replacement therapy?2020-10-19T12:45:25-05:00

There are a few complications that will be explained to you at your examination. These side effects are typically only if the dosage is too much, which is why we take extreme caution to ensure you will not be receiving more than needed to achieve the optimal clinical outcome.

Is Sermorelin expensive?2020-10-19T12:44:55-05:00

It is about a quarter of the price of actual growth hormone so, comparatively speaking, it is not.

Why don’t you use Human Growth Hormone?2020-10-19T12:44:31-05:00

Human growth hormone (HGH) was used for anti-aging in the past, but it has been under increased scrutiny by many of the medical and legal professionals for a variety of reasons.

Side effects can be serious due to improper dosing. Most professional sports regulatory bodies have prohibited the use of growth hormone. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), growth hormone can only be used for aids or aids-related symptomatology or adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Otherwise, its use is prohibited under federal law.

Because of the many challenges with growth hormone and the fact it is only legal to prescribe for those above issues, we have discovered an alternative. Sermorelin is a polypeptide compound that, when administered, does not supply growth hormone to the body. Instead, it stimulates your body’s production of natural growth hormone and can be thought of as a growth hormone stimulator.

Sermorelin increases your HGH by stimulating the pituitary gland and, because of that, it has certain advantages over HGH that include:

  • Because your body will produce more growth hormone from Semorelin, your body’s regulatory mechanisms will prevent the growth hormone spike from getting too high.
  • It is a more natural way to increase growth hormone response in a manner that is similar to how growth hormone is released during a normal day/night cycle.
  • It stimulates your brain – specifically the pituitary – to produce more growth hormone. This process typically declines in normal aging and, by providing this stimulus, helps keep the pituitary active and healthy.
Is there a safer alternative to Human Growth Hormone?2020-10-19T12:42:59-05:00

We offer Sermorelin, which is a peptide that stimulates the body to produce growth hormone. This is a separate and distinctive treatment from testosterone therapy. However, there is empirical evidence to support the synergistic effects of these two combined therapies.

Do you use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)?2020-10-19T12:42:11-05:00

Yes. While every treatment plan is unique, we feel that it is important to continue natural production. This allows the testosterone that we are giving our patients to stack on top of their natural production.

What lab tests do you run?2020-10-19T12:41:28-05:00

We run standard lab tests along with specific hormone tests to assess the levels of testosterone, free testosterone, and estrogen in the body.

Why start testosterone therapy now?2020-10-19T12:40:39-05:00

Medical science is starting to recognize that men also have hormone issues as they age. It is not uncommon for physicians to prescribe estrogen for women who have been diagnosed as estrogen deficient. Now physicians realize the same pertains to men. If men have low testosterone levels, treating these patients with optimal levels of testosterone is appropriate.

How quickly will I see results?2020-10-19T12:39:47-05:00

We wish we could guarantee a timeline for your treatment results. However, everyone is different. Most of our patients recognize a change within the first three to five weeks after therapy. On top of the therapy, understanding that this is a tool to help you achieve your overall goals, work on your part will be required i.e. If your goal is weight loss then exercising and dieting will be key to optimize your treatment.

Will you treat my wife?2020-10-19T12:39:17-05:00

We can evaluate your wife, but she will not be included as part of your specific, customized plan. For more information, contact our sister company, ReVital Women’s Clinic.

What happens if I’m on testosterone and I don’t use HCG?2020-10-19T12:38:14-05:00

When your body has enough testosterone, the brain does not send the luteinizing hormone (LH) signal to your testicles. This means you will not make any testosterone until your levels drop to below normal, causing the signal to return and stimulate production. Since you are getting testosterone from an outside source, your brain is most likely not sending that signal to your testicles. Over time, the adage of “use it or lose it” comes into play, and your testicles will shrink in size. The time and amount of shrinkage are different for every man.

Can I use blood work from my primary care doctor?2020-10-19T12:36:25-05:00

No. We do not accept outside blood work results.

Do I stop my other regular medication(s)?2020-10-19T12:34:29-05:00

Absolutely not. Speak with your primary care physician before beginning the testosterone therapy since some medications may require adjustments. We are not primary care doctors so we recommend you inform your own doctor about your specific therapy.

How often will I need lab work?2020-10-19T12:33:24-05:00

It depends on age, weight, hormonal status at the time of the initial testing, and per your doctor’s evaluation. Once we find your optimal levels, you can expect lab work to happen every three months.

How do I pay for therapy?2020-10-19T12:32:57-05:00

We have flexible payment plans to fit any budget. We accept multiple insurance carriers which help with payment options.

Do the therapy shots hurt?2020-10-19T12:32:17-05:00

It always depends on the patient. The shots are intramuscular and, for most patients, are not painful.

Where do you get testosterone replacement therapy?2020-10-19T12:12:20-05:00

Mantality Health offers testosterone replacement therapy throughout the midwest but specifically we have TRT offices in Chesterfield, MO, St. Louis, MO, Omaha, NE, Des Moines, IA, and Milwaukee, WI.

How is testosterone replacement therapy administered?2020-10-19T12:11:06-05:00

Testosterone replacement therapy can be administered in multiple ways from gels and creams, pellets, oral, and intramuscular injections. There are many pros and cons for all styles of treatment but we prefer intramuscular injections and there are a few reasons why. Intramuscular injections, using our specific testosterone that is compounded here in the United States, allows us to know exactly what is being using, where it is being injected and also how much your body will absorb.

TRT is administered through the muscle by a licensed medical staff member.

How long does it take for testosterone replacement therapy to work?2020-10-19T12:09:57-05:00

When treating hypogonadism using testosterone, every patient can differ on the time that it takes to notice differences. Most men notice changes on weeks 3-4 with mental cognition increasing, the late afternoon fog that clouds your thoughts. On weeks 6-8, energy levels start to increase and by week 16, you should be at your optimal dose and notice all changes in symptoms.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?2020-10-19T11:55:35-05:00

Testosterone replacement therapy, commonly abbreviated as THT, is the medical name for treating hypogonadism using pharmaceutical grade testosterone compounded in the United States.

In my line of work, strength can mean the difference between life and death. When I noticed a decline in my muscle tone and that my results were peaking from workouts, I decided to get lab work. And there it was – my levels were off. Now, with Mantality’s help, I can feel my body improving. I feel stronger and my stamina has returned.

Travis S.
Milwaukee, WI

Do You Experience Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

When testosterone is produced in lower quantities it can creates the condition known as hypogonadism, or Low T. When this happens, the once normal functions of testosterone will start to disappear and symptoms of Low T will begin to occur. While this may seem concerning, low testosterone is readily treatable. Mantality Health will test your levels and offer custom treatment plans to get you back to you!

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