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Testosterone Blasts Stored Fat

Low testosterone has many symptoms that affect guys day to day: loss of muscle mass, energy decrease, poor mental focus, poor sleep, and decreased libido. The most common reason men seek treatment from our physicians is due to weight gain They just CANT shake the belly fat and want us to help them crush it.…

Low T St. Louis Stands with First Responders

Low T St. Louis has dedicated the remainder of January to helping those who keep us safe.  Last fall was rough in St Louis . . . nothing good came from it.  Our city took a hit in many ways,  including the postponement of a major fund raiser for Backstoppers, the Guns N Hoses event originally scheduled…

#2 Reason Andro-Based Gels Did Not Help Your Low T

#2 REASON TESTOSTERONE GELS DID NOT WORK:  Your Skin is DESTROYING the active testosterone in the gel before it hits the bloodstream.  Low Testosterone or Low T, is caused by decreased free testosterone in the blood stream.  Many men have tried andro-based gels without success.  Reason number 2 that Sandro-based gels fail are that it is your skin’s job. …

Andro-based gels Failed – Reason #1

Men seeking treatment for low testosterone, also known as low T, have limited options. One option popular among family physicians and urologists is “andro-based” gels. A simple written  prescription from the doctor and the patient is able to apply the testosterone in a gel form under the arm.  “Andro-based” gels are the most common treatment…

Low T St. Louis – Testosterone Treatment Covered by Insurance

Testosterone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has been the wild – wild west for a long time. Providers could not agree on treatment parameters for years.  They debated:  blood level of testosterone constituted low testosterone,  symptoms that indicated patient was a candidate for testing or treatment ,and what treatment options for different situations. DOCTORS LOOK TO GUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVENESS AND  SAFETY When…

"If I was the man I was 10 years ago…"

Every day we see men with a growing waist line, falling asleep in the chair, and decreased interest in sex.  Some just say it is that thought they were just getting older.    10 years ago if you could get in a time machine . . . pop out and get a look at you now…

Testosterone Helps Guys "Get It"

Low testosterone has a big impact on men’s lives.  When testosterone drops below optimum it results in:  weight gain, poor sleep, weakness, fatigue, weak erections, depression and decreased libido.  Men don’t just wake up one day with low testosterone and all the symptoms, the effects come on slowly . . . in fact the changes are so…

What Is Low T and How Can You Fix It?

Watch owner of Low T St. Louis, Kevin Meuret, on the air with McGraw Milhaven on his radio program 550 KTRS to discuss the issues related to low testosterone.

4 Ways Your Bathroom Can Make You A Woman

Your bathroom is a minefield of testosterone killing products.  These products can have a significant effect on a man’s biochemistry:  decreasing testosterone, increasing estrogens, lowering sperm count . . eating away at your ” ma n resume”. Here are 4 products that you must avoid: Personal Lubricant: Many of the major brands of personal lubricants contain “Parabens”. There is…

Benefits of Testosterone Treatment

Men who suffer from low testosterone, or Low T, complain of: fatigue, weakness, poor sleep, poor concentration, decreased strength, loss of muscle mass, and decreased libido. When blood tests confirm a testosterone problem, they can be successfully treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The blood test of total testosterone is one piece of the puzzle,…

Insurance Covers Low T Treatment

Testosterone Therapy Covered by Insurance July 21, 2014 Chesterfield Missouri: Low T St. Louis, is a full service medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of low testosterone. The physicians of Low T St. Louis are board certified, able to utilize a wide variety of treatment options, and accept insurance for the treatment to the treatment…

Low T, the Extinction of Man

The environment Changed – They Did Not Is it possible for men (or at least manliness) to become extinct? What makes a men uniquely male . . . testosterone. When testosterone b begins to drop with age, andropause, it causes a condition known as low T. Reducing our testosterone in us men takes the edge…