Low testosterone is known as “Low T” that is often popularly referred to as hypogonadism. This medical condition is diagnosable and occurs when the sex glands are responsible for the production of no or little sex hormones in men. This sex hormone is testosterone and the physicians can diagnose it. Men immediately can recognize their own symptoms when they face low testosterone levels and seek a diagnosis for it. After diagnosis, treatments can follow for low testosterone St. Louis. Many men out there may wonder as to why they are experiencing these symptoms more often than not and the reasons for it. Unfortunately, there is no reason that can be specifically pointed out for explaining as to why one faces low levels of testosterone without the physicians seeing diagnosing it. Here are the causes.

Disorders and Diseases

Usually, the reasons for low testosterone St. Louis in younger men could be due to drop in the lower levels of testosterone and this includes illnesses like problems in the pituitary gland, lung diseases, COPD, chronic diseases of the kidney and liver as well type-2 diabetes. There can also be the genetic causes; that include lesser known diseases like myotonic dystrophy, syndrome of Prader-Willi, Kallmann syndrome, and Klinefelter syndrome. Besides all these types of genetic disorder, you also get low testosterone levels due to hemochromatosis. This disorder leads the body in storing too much iron.

Usage of Steroids or Other Therapies

Many professors and researchers from departments of reproductive medicine and urology have stated that causes of low testosterone St. Louis can happen due to any sort of trauma or the steroid use. The uses of steroid and trauma lead to the prevention of testes from hormone making. While other causes of the low T may also include chemotherapy or any kind of radiation therapy that is given during cancer; infections of HIV, tumors in the gland and this essentially includes the pituitary gland. If you ever go to the doctors you shall find that that categorize the causes as either secondary or primary.

A clear line between secondary and primary

As per physicians, primary hypogonadism is a result of testicle problems and this could be due to developmental issues. Other causes include treatment of chemotherapy, radiation or injury to testicles. Secondary hypogonadism, on the other hand, reveals that testicles may be normal but improperly function because there are issues with the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus. Contact us for more information.