Low testosterone affects more than a five million each year everywhere in the world especially the best. As you must have read and known; testosterone is indeed one of the most important hormones that are present in the body. However, this vital hormone starts declining after men have attained the age of thirty. While in some of the men it can be substantial. If research data is to be believed then thirty-nine percent and 19 percent of the men that have surpassed the age of thirty; have low testosterone levels.

Older men that have low testosterone Chesterfield have sought to therapies of testosterone replacement that is abbreviated as TRT. This trend is visible in the current times because the therapy addresses major symptoms like low energy; the poor mass of muscles and low libido. However, both the primary and secondary causes of low T have been discussed in greater details below.

Primary level hypogonadism


Underactive testes are the main causes of primary hypogonadism or low testosterone Chesterfield. This happens because sufficient levels of testosterone are not manufactured by the body. Thus, the levels that are ultimately produced are not optimal for health and growth. This kind of under-activity of the sex glands can either be a trait that has been inherited; or can be an outcome of illness or accident.

Some of the inherited conditions are inclusive of hemochromatosis where too much iron is deposited in the body that leads to damage of the pituitary glands or testicular failure. Another syndrome is the Klinefelter’s syndrome wherein a man may be born with three chromosomes of sex namely, Y, X, and X. Lastly, the reason could be testicles that are undescended, this means testicles have failed to descend from the abdomen.


Secondary level hypogonadism


Secondary hypogonadism refers to damage that has been caused to the pituitary glands or the hypothalamus. These parts are relevant because they are the ones that control the production of hormones by testes. In secondary level hypogonadism or low testosterone Chesterfield, categories may include disorders in the pituitary gland that are a result of some drugs, small tumors, and kidney failure. Kallmann syndrome attributes to this condition where hypothalamus functions abnormally and some other inflammatory diseases like histiocytosis, sarcoidosis, and tuberculosis.


Acquired circumstances and damage


Damage of the testes can happen if mumps orchitis struck an individual where testes were injured because of mumps infection, cancer treatment and physical injuries to testicles. Acquired circumstances include concurrent illness and medications like pain meds (opioid).

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