Testosterone is vital because not only do you get muscles built in your body but the sex drives are fuelled. However, the receptors of hormone do exist in the entire body, from the brain to the blood vessels. Hence, if anyone is facing low testosterone symptoms that extend to the gym beyond bedroom; then they must run to the centers. Blood tests are usually conducted before official diagnosis for low levels of testosterone are confirmed. With help of testosterone therapy, the visible low testosterone symptoms, as well as any side effects, can be reversed easily. In fact, the conditions can be improved even. Some of the symptoms that are a result of this condition are stated below.

Growing belly

The most visible and potent of all low testosterone symptoms is the potbelly. Fat rings around the belly or belly tires as they are called are often visceral fats. Hence, you may end up losing weight after repeated efforts and even drop a few sizes but gain fat in areas that hurt. Due to low levels of testosterone develops abdominal fat and the risks of heart diseases increases besides developing diabetes. In men, whenever low T cases set in, the activity of an enzyme reaches the pinnacle and is it is also known as lipoprotein lipase. The compound drives circulating building blocks called lipids into fat’s visceral cells. Hence, the belly is plumped up.

Muscles shrinking

The low testosterone symptoms include muscles shrinking away. Just like when the testosterone levels are stable and ample, the body is in the muscle building phase or anabolic phase where the assembled proteins accumulated in the body help form the building blocks are associated with lean mass. However, whenever the drop in the levels, the opposite happens where body converts to being catabolic from anabolic. Hence, the muscle tissues break down and the building doesn’t happen. Initially, many may even find out that what seemed easier with pushing weight in the gymnasium, has become one of the most difficult tasks. After few weeks have passed by, you shall find that muscle mass is diminishing slowly. There are double to triple risks associated with losing muscles when one is aging because the testosterone levels are low in comparison to people that have normal levels of testosterone.

Faltering memory

Having low testosterone in the body has many side effects and the most potent one is facing troubles with thinking and retaining memory. The brain consists of important sections that are inclusive of cerebrum where receptors of testosterone are present. Hence, brain cells may not function well is low T takes place. Contact our team of experts for more information.