Testosterone is a hormone that is crucial for the building of muscles as well as fuelling sex drive. However, the hormone receptors exist in reality throughout the body right up till the vessels of blood from the brain. Hence, if anyone is low on testosterone than consequences of health extend beyond bedroom and gym. There are usually blood tests conducted where an official diagnosis of whether you are suffering from low T is confirmed. With the help of testosterone therapy the side effects and the visible low testosterone symptoms that can be easily reversed or rather improved. Here are the symptoms.

Shrinking of muscles

One of the low testosterone symptoms is the shrinking of the muscles. Just like whenever there is ample testosterone the body is in anabolic or phase of muscle building; where assembled proteins form building blocks related to lean masses however with a drop you face the opposite. This means from anabolic the body turns to being catabolic that breaks down the tissue of muscles as opposed to building it.

Initially, one may notice that pushing weight in the gym has turned out to be very tough. After the passage of few weeks, you may also find that muscle mass is slowly getting diminished. There are triple to double the risks of losing muscles when you age, due to low levels of testosterone in contrast to people with normal testosterone levels.

The belly grows

Another very potent and visible of all low testosterone symptoms are being potbellied. The fat around the belly is also called the visceral fat. Hence no matter even you drop a few sizes at places where it is countable, you tend to gain in those areas where it is hurting. The abdominal fat that id developed due to low testosterone levels increases the heart disease risks as well as diabetes.

In men, whenever cases of low T set in, an enzyme’s activity reaches the pinnacle that is called the lipoprotein lipase. This compound drives circulation of the building blocks known as lipids into the visceral cells of flat. Hence plumping happens.

Memory falters

Side effects of low testosterone include the trouble with memory and thinking. Besides amygdala, the important sections of the brain include cerebrum that is vital for attention as well as memory. This is because testosterone receptors are present here too and when enough hormones are not pumped into the receptors the brain cells are not capable of functioning well. Therefore, a result memory falters to a large extent.