St. Louis Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There's a common misconception that testosterone is only used for guys who are in the gym, wanting to get bigger and bigger. We're here to tell you that's not true. There's a medical condition known at Low Testosterone (hypogonadism) that can be treated, and even covered by insurance.


Starting at the age of 30, men's testosterone levels begin declining, and that's if your levels weren't already low. By each year, it can decrease by a full percent causing a mixture of symptoms to start to come forth. The scariest thing, our testosterone levels naturally are 25% lower than our grandparents generation due to the changes in chemicals with food, processed foods, and job types moving from manual labor to desk work, 25% lower! That means if you have good levels already, your Grandpa had 25% higher levels than you did at that same age. Here's the thing, previously, men suffered, there was nothing that could be done. Due to clinical and scientific research, testosterone replacement therapy emerged and can now treat any problems associated with low testosterone.


Our staff at the office are trained specifically in testosterone replacement therapy and follow the guidelines established by the Endocrine Society of the United States.

What symptoms can be caused by Low Testosterone?

  • Weight Gain or Hard Time Losing Weight
  • Mental Clarity Issues (Memory Loss)
  • Decreased Energy Levels & Fatigue
  • Muscle Loss
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hair Loss
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Libido Issues
low testosterone treatment st louis

The question that most often arises when the conversation of low testosterone levels come up are, "what are considered "low" levels"? Well, the Endocrine Society has established the levels of 250 - 1100 to be considered "normal". But that's not all, there's something called Free Testosterone that is unbound, useable testosterone in the body. So if you have primary care physicians or testosterone clinics telling you your levels are normally, bring in your labs and we will test your levels and show you how "normal" isn't always normal. You can fall in the normal range, but still have low t.


These symptoms can get harsh. If it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and you're at your desk falling asleep while on a call, when the person on the other line asks your opinion, you forget what you were talking about. Yeah, it's happened to all of us. That's the start of low testosterone. It becomes draining, frustrating, causing you to have mood swings, depression, which turns in to gaining weight. The stress starts to pile on and your sleep begins declining.


If you've wondered what low testosterone is like, there's a glimpse, and that's only the start. But here's the issue, men are 50% less likely to go to the doctor over a 2-year period which leads to the statistics that women live 5 years longer on average than men.


We've built an office that allows you to fix all of these issues (and not just low testosterone, we test for overall health) without the wait of a normal doctors office. We're not talking about showing up for a 30-60 minute wait only to be put in an exam room to wait another 30-60 minutes to see someone. We pride ourselves on quick and easy medicine that is the most effective on the market. We don't believe in long wait times, on average, our total appointment time average (in the door to out the door) is 8 minutes and 34 seconds.

Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy fix it?

There's this age old saying that there is no "magic pill" and as a medical office, we absolutely agree. But there are ways to prime the machine for optimum performance, just like tuning a car. Optimizing your testosterone levels can help you develop the tools necessary for losing that winter weight, getting back to the old you.


Most of our patients see an experience in energy levels, libido, mental clarity, and a gain in lean muscle, and that's just the start! Those mood swings you were having (being caused by low testosterone and higher estrogen levels) are gone, that depression slump you were in, you noticed was gone because your partner mentioned your improved mood. That weekly soccer game your kid's have, you noticed you're not missing one anymore because you aren't on the couch taking your afternoon nap.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help the symptoms brought on by Low T (hypogonadism). We're up front about the levels, we're upfront about the treatment options, and we make sure that your levels are optimized to the standard established by the Endocrine Society. Remember, we're taking your levels to the optimized range for your body. Meaning we're constantly testing to make sure your health is in check, your testosterone levels are dialed in, and you're primed for optimal performance.

How do we treat low testosterone (low t) in St. Louis, MO?

This is a pretty common question, and unfortunately there are "gurus" out there who tell you there are better ways than others. We will let our results speak for themselves. We use injectable testosterone called testosterone cypionate, a testosterone having an 8-day half-life meaning we do weekly injections. Why so often? So that your levels stay absolutely consist throughout your day-to-day life and you don't have ups and downs associated with other treatment methods.


Unfortunately we hear often that there are treatment options where the same medication is being used once monthly or bi-weekly. While of course, this is better than nothing, you lose effectiveness after 8-days so that 3 weeks you go without a treatment, you have the testosterone levels you came in with.


Our treatment plans avoid that, we optimize your levels, optimize your treatment for YOUR body through lab work and keep that dialed in so that you can perform at your best. Every. Single. Day.

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