The hormone testosterone has crucial functions to play in a man’s overall health; it is produced by the body itself. It plays a major part in the sexual development as well as affects the appearance of man. The hormone is responsible for stimulating the production of sperms as well as enhances the sex drive in men. In fact, in reality, it is not just confined to doing just that but helps in building the bone mass as well as muscles.

Production of this hormone typically diminishes as you age. Many urological associations have even displayed data where out of ten, two men in the age window of sixty years have experienced Low testosterone Des Moines.

Signs of Low testosterone Des Moines

Mood swings and decreased mass in the bones

Signs of Low testosterone Des Moines include mood changes and osteoporosis. It is a proven fact that whenever the levels of testosterone decline in the body the mental capacity and the mood are influenced in big ways. This is solely because the hormone is capable of influencing many other physical processes happening within the body.

Moreover, hence research conducted at various forums have come up with opinions that whenever there are diminishing levels of testosterone men are likely to undergo concentration issues, irritability and face depression.

While on one hand, your mood is going through upheaval and downfalls; the bone mass keeps thinning as well. Osteoporosis is one such outcome because the bone can longer be strengthened as the production of the hormone has decreased. Hence, it makes men susceptible to fractures.

Increased fat in the body and losing muscle mass

Men with Low testosterone Des Moines instantly tend to gain weight and the body fat increases to dizzying levels. At some point, they even develop gynecomastia. This means that men find their breast tissues to be enlarged.

It usually is believed to happen when imbalance happens between two basic hormones released in the body; called estrogen and testosterone. You may not be aware or have read it on any medical journals that because this hormone plays a crucial role in the building of muscles; men may experience a decrease in the muscle mass.

Fatigue is bound to happen

When the vital hormone in the body is experiencing a decrease the extreme fatigue sets in that result in poor levels of energy. Despite getting lots of sleep you may find it extremely difficult to stay motivated in exercising.