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Choose a local clinic that can monitor your testosterone treatment safely and effectively.

If you’re not having your levels monitored ever 3 months STOP treatment now and call us. Low testosterone is a medical condition that NEEDS monitored, if you’re not, you’re playing fire… Many clinics takes shortcuts that save them money, something we’re not willing to do.

3 out of 4 men being treated for Low T are improperly managed

What should you look for with a TRT clinic?

Optimizing Free Testosterone

Free testosterone is what your mind and body utilize to function and operate. When guys are on TRT and say they feel great, their free testosterone is optimized. This allows the provider to put the least amount of testosterone in the system for the maximum result keeping things safe and effective.

Preserving your natural production of testosterone

Utilizing an additional medication, we ensure that we keep your natural levels going to stack on top of your current levels. This allows us to make sure that if you ever decide to stop, your body is still producing, a shortcut many clinics take.

Managing your Estradiol (Estrogen) levels

The final medication, if needed, manages the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Sure, men need some estrogen, but on TRT men can overproduce to make up for the higher testosterone levels. If unmanaged, it’s absolutely unsafe. Most guys find that coming to us, they feel like their health is taken care of and they don’t have to worry about side effects.

Consistent Lab Monitoring

If your clinic is only doing labs once per year, leave immediately. It’s a tactic that clinics use to cut corners 

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Testosterone Cypionate - Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Schedule a Consultation & Lab Work

It’s quick, easy, and done in-house.


Cover Results and Protocol with a Provider

Meet with a board-certified physician to ensure that you’re healthy enough to consider TRT.


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(includes physician consultation + lab work)

Our Guys, Their Results

Join the over 20,000 guys who have trusted Mantality Health as a provider

Patient since 2015

“I felt so bad, that anything could help. A friend suggested Mantality. I knew that I had to give my kids more of a father than I was… It has become the foundation of everything that is good in my life.”

Marc L.
Patient since 2016

“I was fortunate enough to spend 5 years in the NFL and was always the fittest and strongest guy in the room, until I wasn’t. I visited the team at Mantality and I feel like I did when I was performing on the field..”

Chris H.
Patient since 2019

“I was training all of these guys who were performing at high levels, exceptional athletes, where I used to be. After an injury, my provider told me testosterone could help the repair. I’m out performing the athletes now, I feel like a new person.”

Custom Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We’re not a one-size fits all company. Our providers understand your needs, pair that with your blood levels and build a tailored plan that is consistently monitored to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Testosterone Cypionate. The GOLD STANDARD.

Testosterone Cypionate - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Consultation + Lab Work



(Consultation + Physician Assessment)

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