Men in Milwaukee have been suffering from the symptoms of Low Testosterone levels.


Low Testosterone, known also as Low T, is a medical condition that is referred to as hypogonadism. Symptoms begin occurring when your sex glands begin producing little to no sex hormone, in men it's called low testosterone and Milwaukee low testosterone is a real thing causing symptoms in the region.


What most men don't understand is that, through a blood test, hypogonadism can be diagnosed by a license medical physician by looking at levels in the blood. But a little known secret, most primary care physicians won't treat low testosterone because of the maintenance involved in the treatment. For men, this means recognizing the symptoms on their own such as fatigue, weight gain, cloudy thoughts, low libido, and more. Unfortunately, without visit a Milwaukee Low Testosterone Clinic, there's no sure way to tell exactly if you have low testosterone.


While many places may want you to start treatment for revenue's sake, we believe in practicing proper and good medicine. Low T can be caused by a number of things, while it can specifically be low testosterone, it can also occur while using certain medication, chronic and clinical depression, illness, or a mixture of all of them. At Mantality Health, we offer a free consultation with our medical staff who have years of experience in treating low testosterone in men. They will be able to accurately assess your situation and help diagnose why you may be experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone.


But, there's the question that many men ask, what is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in both men and women, but in a might higher amount in men. Naturally, your body begins producing less and less testosterone every year starting at the age of 25. But because of the nature of the economy, less manual labor is induced on the body and our levels are actually 25% lower than our grandparents. That means, by the time they were 80 years old, they, on average, had the same testosterone levels as a 35 year old today. Because testosterone is a hormone required for the body to function for a male, the lack of it can cause changes to your body both emotional and physical.

Milwaukee Low Testosterone Clinic

Symptoms of Men with Low Testosterone in Milwaukee

Lack of Focus and Concentration Issue

Low testosterone is portrayed in multiple different ways, usually with steroids or with sexual performance. At Mantality, we don't associate testosterone with steroids because it's simple. They're not. When you're deficient in testosterone, you're not taking your levels two to three times the normal range like the average body builder.

What is the average range? Between 300 and 1,100 is what is considered normal. That means a bodybuilder using "steroids" are taking their levels to 2,000 or higher. This is considered highly dangerous and is most of the time done without medical supervision. 

While a second perk to undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy is an increased libido and a disappearance of erectile dysfunction, we see that as a positive effect of participating in TRT, not a reason to advertise it. At Mantality, we believe that men should be able to look better, feel better, and perform better in all aspects of life.


Decreased Muscle and Strength

Testosterone is a vital part in the process of maintaining strength and muscle mass. Many associate testosterone replacement therapy in Milwaukee with losing weight. While many experience weight loss it's due to the fact that they had a higher body fat percentage and are now seeing the positive effects of muscle gain. Due to the fact that many of our clients workout during their treatment, they actually gain weight. But this is positive weight gain as they are losing body fat and gaining muscle mass.


Depression, Lack of Energy and Poor Sleep Associated with Low T

There's a reason that many men in Milwaukee, WI are experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone such as depression, lack of energy and poor sleep because of the hormone imbalance in their bodies. While their body is overcompensating for not having a vital hormone, it begins to lose energy, this causes your body to not fall in to deep REM sleep therefore you feel exhausted all the time. This leads to you not being able to enjoy time with your family, sleeping on the couch on the weekends, and ultimately leading to depression.

Low testosterone levels can drastically reduce sleep, and cause significant changes to your sleep schedule and cycle. This induces insomnia which contributes to the fatigue and energy levels being decreased throughout day to day activities. While many people believe TRT can cause insomnia, when treated by a medical doctor and supervised under medical staff, we can help combat the insomnia with supplemental options.

Insomnia itself causes low testosterone because your body requires sleep and without it, your body can turn "reduce" certain functions in the body to maintain, one of those is a decrease in testosterone production. So with a free consultation through Mantality Health, you're able to have help determining if it's poor sleep or if you actually have low testosterone.


So why treat Low T in Milwaukee?

Men all over the United States are suffering from low testosterone, we've been fortunate enough to develop an FDA approved treatment so that insurances are able to accept our care. With a free consultation, a quick blood test, we can diagnose the issue and get your started on treatment. The best part, we contact the insurance for you, so you'll know exactly how much treatment will cost! We're here to treat Milwaukee Low Testosterone so you don't have to suffer any longer.