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My doctor says I don't have low t. One of the most common statements from our new patients. Many started care at their primary care doctor, only to be told that they have to live with it, it was in their head, it comes with age, just get used to it. Many patients feel dismissed by their physicians in these situations and seek our care for answers.

Our physicians are trained first in the understanding that patient concerns need never be dismissed. There can be many factors causing Low T or Low T type symptoms, and these factors must be evaluated to help every patient. Our physicians are trained to locate the cause of the symptoms and treat it accordingly. Many times it can be low total testosterone, or it may be normal total testosterone but low free testosterone, etc.

Physicians trained in hormone optimization and treatment of low testosterone accurately detect the underlying issue, properly diagnose it, and manage treatment to alleviate the symptoms safely. Many physicians are happy to refer their patients to our office for management of their low testosterone as it is 100% of our practice. We focus on proper treatment while keeping your primary care doctor in the loop of your progress.

Low Testosterone Testing

Laboratory testing is essential to the diagnosis of Low T and the monitoring treatment. Many patients transfer to our treatment because of our diagnostic capabilities. The appropriate monitoring of low testosterone requires taking into account baseline blood levels of:

More complex than just one test. If you have been told that you do not have low testosterone by your doctor, that may be true that your total testosterone is within the normal range; however, you still may have Low T:

  1. Your total testosterone may be normal, but the free testosterone (the testosterone that is available to your body) is low.
  2. You may have normal testosterone levels but your Estrogen (Estradiol) levels are elevated, which means your body is converting your free testosterone into Estrogen.
  3. Excess belly fat, it can actually convert your testosterone to estrogen, giving you more belly fat, giving you more estrogen and so on.
  4. If you have a history of head trauma, there may be issues with your LH or FSH.
  5. Stressful life? Your cortisol can have physiological effects that can mimic or mask Low T.

As you can see, lab tests are the window into your condition. Proper management of your condition will require managing these factors. Properly managing these factors can be life changing for men. Imagine rolling back the clock 10 years, and 15- 20 pounds. Contact us about scheduling a free consultation to discuss the treatment options for Low T symptoms.

Total Transformation

Low Testosterone or Low T leaves behind damage. Some damage you can see:

  • Weight Gain – especially around the belly
  • Concentration – looking and acting groggy
  • Muscle Loss – looking and feeling weaker
  • Decreased Drive – content in the back seat of career and life.

It can also do damage in areas we don’t see:

  • BMI – Body Mass Index – higher fat to lean muscle ratio
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Loss of sleep
  • Decreased libido
  • Sexual performance

Total Transformation Program.

Like LOW T never happened.

Proper testosterone treatment will reverse much of the damage caused from low testosterone. Week by week you will improve in all your symptoms and restore back to your former self.   But what if you want to wipe those changes away, fast.


Men who go through our Total Transformation Program can wipe away years of Low T changes in their body in a short time. Ongoing testosterone treatment will sustain those results and continue to improve them over time.

If you have a deadline when you want to . . . or need to look great, we can help you. Contact us to find out if you are a candidate for our Total Transformation Program.