It could be a sign that you have Low Testosterone

Difficulty Concentrating? It could be a sign of Low T...

Are you finding it difficult to perform basic tasks at work in the afternoon? It feels like you've hit a wall and suddenly, you can't remember what you were doing. So you go to write down a to-do list but you can't find your pen to write anything, you can't remember where you put it let it alone where you used it last.

What about the last time you went to a client meeting at the local coffee shop and couldn't remember what their name was or what company they worked for?


This is all too common in today's world, and the biggest issue is that men think this is a sign of aging. While that could very well be true, there's something that can be done about it.

Having Trouble Concentrating with Low Testosterone

As we mentioned above, having a lack of concentration can be frustrating but getting to the root of the problem seems so much more difficult. But a common sign of having low testosterone can be a lack of concentration or having trouble concentrating. A lot of times we refer to this as "brain fog" which is a real issue with low testosterone and can be determined through a simple blood test. in office. As with any medical issue, there can be a number of causes as shown here by the University of Wisconsin Medical Program.

What becomes most frustrating is that it's not always something that lingers constant like a normal medical issue. If you get sick with strep throat, your throat hurts and there are always common signs that you are in fact sick. But with low testosterone, symptoms can vary through a mixture of problems involving lack of sleep, poor diet and exercise habits and even your type of work.

Why Can't I Concentrate at Work?

Put yourself in this scenario, you're the guy who used to have it all... You were a college athlete with a full-ride and great grades on the path to success. When you graduated you got a job with a great firm and were working your way up, but all of the sudden you lift your head and your kids are in their teen years, you've been married for 20+ years and you've become stagnant at work. You realize that you find it hard to get out of bed every morning and when you finally do make it to the office, you have no more motivation. What happened? You want to get back to that guy you used to be.


The testosterone hormone is directly related to mental clarity and focus in the male anatomy. If your levels are low, your body prioritizes it's testosterone usage for vital body functions. In other words, your body doesn't find problem solving and concentration as a vital function of the body if you have a lack of testosterone levels. But there are a mixture of reasons that this can happen, there are multiple symptoms of low testosterone that can lead to a domino effect of symptoms. But the question is how do you determine if it actually is your low testosterone levels?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Lack of Concentration

Low T can be frustrating because it causes so many frustrating "general" symptoms. But there's an easy way to find out which problems can be caused by low testosterone. It's as simple as a blood test for a mixture of things.


Whomever you decide to go to for lab work, ensure that they're looking in to your comprehensive metabolic panel including your pituitary function, thyroid function, liver enzymes, and your kidney function.

The next stage is looking in to your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels to verify there are no underlying issues.

Moving in to your CBC or complete blood count panel specifically looking at your Hematocrit levels.

Finally, making sure your testosterone levels are pulled, but specifically, your total testosterone and free testosterone levels.


If this isn't being pulled prior to starting treatment, avoid the office you're looking in to. There's a reason. If they're not checking the entire panel, there's not way to tell if it is in fact low testosterone. Because other problems can cause low t, without checking it, it's ultimately guess work. For example, if you have an overactive or under-active thyroid that's going untreated, it will cause the same issues as low testosterone but not "actually" be low testosterone. While you can still have low testosterone numbers and thyroid issues, fixing one problem at a time is the appropriate way to go about it.


Ensure that the practice or clinic is looking in to ALL of the underlying medical issues that could be a root cause of low testosterone prior to committing.


If there are any questions, feel free to contact us with any questions about Testosterone Replacement Therapy.