Low T or low testosterone as it is called is a medical condition that is quite diagnosable and is popularly known by another name called hypogonadism. Hence, when the gonads or the testes as known in men and ovaries in females get diminished; you experience low T. In simpler terms it is the decrease in the sex hormones synthesis and happens when sex hormones are not produced in sufficient amounts. According to studies that have been conducted, men reporting about it to offices of primary care are nearly thirty-eight percent whereas there are still many unreported cases. It is a fact that this condition may develop in later stages of life while some are born with it. Here are ways you will know if you have low testosterone St. Louis.

The Symptoms

Testosterone is one of those hormones that are required by men for helping them function sexually and their development. It is responsible for lots of things that happen inside the body and includes primary works like sex drives, production of sperms, the building of bone mass and muscles. In fact, not many know that it is also responsible for influencing male pattern distribution of fat, production of blood cells, and density of bones. Usually in any male that is developing normally the peaks in the hormone is experienced during the onset of adulthood. However, by the time men reach thirty, the levels decline slowly by one percent approximately every year. Though this is a normal part of aging yet there are centers that make full use free testosterone in the body and help by providing replacement therapies. These are the notable symptoms of low testosterone St. Louis levels.

  • Sleep patterns undergo changes and most of the time where you may feel as an insomniac most of the times.
  • The conditions of low libido happen which means that the sex drive is reduced,
  • Infertility can set in beside sexual dysfunction
  • You can put on oodles of weight and experience lower stamina within the body.
  • The muscle mass can get decreased with focus getting diminished.
  • You can feel the muscle mass decreasing besides diminishing strength.

A Possible Start

If you are facing any of these low testosterone St. Louis symptoms then head to your nearby center and get consultations. Any licensed physician shall assess the situation accurately and have the symptoms diagnosed. After the assessment is over, they may put you on TRT.