Goals of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


As with any medical condition, the goal is to treat and ultimately help fix the problem, but doing it in the right way is what most medical companies fail to do. Because of the symptoms of Low T, many men think that they do not have it or they are just getting old. Many medical providers and doctor's offices will not treat low testosterone for a few reasons:

  • Maintenance - low testosterone isn't something you just receive a shot for and come back in a month and expect results or optimal levels.
  • Lack of Training - general physicians are normally not concerned with low testosterone or if treated, they generally don't administer the testosterone frequent enough or draw blood often enough to fix any of the symptoms and overall low testosterone. On top of that, other medication is needed during testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to make sure side effects are at an absolute minimum.

The end result, the goal of low testosterone is to take you back where you were used to be, improve your quality of life, and address all of your symptoms you came here to learn about.


Because the treatment of low testosterone can produce side effects, having a very particular FDA approved treatment designed by board-certified physicians who specialize in hormone replacement therapy is crucial. Optimizing your dose and finding what fits your body the best allows us to minimize the side effects.


But, as we said above, the goals of testosterone replacement therapy are to make sure you're performing better in all aspects of life. How do we do this? We'll help you, think about a time when you were performing at your best. Did you have great energy? Did you have the motivation and drive to succeed? Now, what about your knowledge? Did you have the knowledge that you do now? That's what testosterone replacement therapy can help you with. Imagine it, combining the knowledge of your 40s and 50s with the energy levels of your 20s and 30s. What could you accomplish?


Other than making sure you accomplish your goals, we strive to make sure the treatment aligns with improving your symptoms. We understand that having low energy, a lack of concentration, cloudy cognition, and more can severely affect your performance, TRT gives you the tools to manage that.

Goals of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Balancing your hormones is something that takes time. Medical professionals have to hone in your hormone levels to understand how your body utilizes the testosterone. Each client is different. Therefore, our medical staff has to take each individual case by case.

Depending on how your body takes to the testosterone, many clients notice improvements within the first month that they begin therapy. Medically speaking, most of the noticeable, significant changes occur between the 4-6 week intervals. This is the reason labs are done at week 5 in treatment It helps understand where your testosterone, estradiol, and sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels stand.

But, as with all medical treatments, each client's response is different based on their symptoms and how their body treats the testosterone. The most important factor is that you're supplementing treatment with proper health habits (diet, exercise, and sleep) to ensure you get the optimal results for your care.

At Mantality, we have developed systems with our medical physicians that have been FDA approved and with careful maintenance, we can minimize the symptoms of TRT.


Every client starts with a consultation with our medical staff to understand if treatment is best for you. We care about the health and wellbeing of all of our clients, if it's not the right fit, we will make sure you get treatment that's best for you. Click the button below to contact us for an appointment today.