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What if something goes wrong?


We will discontinue your plan and recommend an appropriate provider to resolve your issue. Once there is a resolution, it is possible you may continue with the appropriate therapy.

What if something goes wrong?2020-10-19T12:47:48-05:00

How quickly will I see results?


We wish we could guarantee a timeline for your treatment results. However, everyone is different. Most of our patients recognize a change within the first three to five weeks after [...]

How quickly will I see results?2020-10-19T12:39:47-05:00

Do I stop my other regular medication(s)?


Absolutely not. Speak with your primary care physician before beginning the testosterone therapy since some medications may require adjustments. We are not primary care doctors so we recommend you inform [...]

Do I stop my other regular medication(s)?2020-10-19T12:34:29-05:00

How often will I need lab work?


It depends on age, weight, hormonal status at the time of the initial testing, and per your doctor’s evaluation. Once we find your optimal levels, you can expect lab work [...]

How often will I need lab work?2020-10-19T12:33:24-05:00