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Can you do treatment without the side effects?


While almost every medical treatment can cause side effects, with testosterone replacement therapy, these are easily managed through the close supervision during your treatment. The medical staff at Mantality understand [...]

Can you do treatment without the side effects?2020-10-19T19:19:12-05:00

What if something goes wrong?


We will discontinue your plan and recommend an appropriate provider to resolve your issue. Once there is a resolution, it is possible you may continue with the appropriate therapy.

What if something goes wrong?2020-10-19T12:47:48-05:00

What ages of men do you treat?


We generally treat men 30 years of age or older who have specific health concerns and objective low lab values. We require our patients to have a primary care doctor [...]

What ages of men do you treat?2020-10-19T12:46:57-05:00