Why Dudes Need Testosterone

You’re a dude. You like buying things with a motor, carving up a ribeye, and sitting in your favorite chair belching your way through the 4th quarter. This is just part of what makes you feel like a man, so what does testosterone have to do with it? Does it really make that much of…

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Jamie Allman Interview with Kevin Meuret

Jamie: Ladies and gentleman, Kevin Meuret in the house. How are you doing buddy? Kevin Meuret: I’m great. How are you Jamie? Jamie: From the Low T St. Louis. Kevin Meuret: Yeah. Jamie: Man, you guys do great work. I love going there and seeing all the happy faces of my listeners. Kevin Meuret: Oh…

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5 Things Dad Did Right

“What would my dad think about this . . .”  That exact thought goes through my mind.  The impact of a father on his children is profound.   He can either set a standard for them to strive for . . . or an example to run from.  I was fortunate to be one whose father set a…

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Recent testosterone studies reveal no increase in cardiovascular risk

The Intermountain Medical Center Heart St. Louis in Murray, Utah presented their recently complete clinical study of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions. Study results show that men who receive testosterone replacement therapy are not at increased risk of suffering a significant adverse cardiac event, such as a stroke or heart attack.…

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No correlation between TRT and cardiovascular risk, study says

A recent publication by Abraham Morgentaler, MD in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings challenges previous claims that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increases risk of cardiovascular disease among users. (Mayo Clinic Proceedings) According to Dr. Morgentaler, “There’s no good evidence that we could find that testosterone therapy increases cardiovascular risk. That’s not to say it’s perfectly safe. But we…

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Running out of "YOU"? Can you get to what you care about?

Everyone has things we are passionate about.  Finding time to devote to those activities or people can be challenging; however, when we do it does something for us.  It makes us feel like we make a difference . . . like we matter. We have had the privilege of working with the Parkway SPARK! program where…

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Our Wives Get it

Crap, valentine’s day is here already.  Game on. Jewelry always works . . . I can do better than that.  This year, I was looking for a unique gift out there.  Here are the top 5 gifts the Google Machine says women want: 1.  Timex Weekender:  The Timex Weekender is an enduring gift with a classic design.…

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Guns N Hoses 2015 – Thanks Guys

We wanted to extend a thank you to our patients  strategic partners, and friends  for helping us promote Guns N Hoses this last weekend.   We had 100 tickets out to guys and we were thrilled to help those who don’t hesitate to help us. IT IS ALWAYS GUNS N HOSES TIME . . . We are committed to our…

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Low T St. Louis Stands with First Responders

Stop Low Testosterone

Low T St. Louis has dedicated the remainder of January to helping those who keep us safe.  Last fall was rough in St Louis . . . nothing good came from it.  Our city took a hit in many ways,  including the postponement of a major fund raiser for Backstoppers, the Guns N Hoses event originally scheduled…

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