How High Testosterone in Men Can Help with Confidence

High Testosterone in Men

Are you looking for a big confidence boost? Getting a TRT booster can provide high testosterone in men. Let us help you find your newfound confidence! Confidence can be a tricky thing. Some men think they can handle any situation, but when moments of pressure arrive they flounder. There are plenty of things we do…

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OTC Testosterone

OTC Testosterone Over the Counter Testosterone Supplements, They’re a Problem Educating you on OTC Testosterone is something we’re dedicated to so we make sure all of our clients don’t use it The fitness industry has created a lot of buzz around the use of over the counter testosterone supplements and ways to increase them so…

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In Business With Family? 4 Ways to Keep Work and Home Separate

I’m the youngest of 10 kids in a family full of entrepreneurs. In fact, eight of us now run our own companies. Perhaps it’s genetic. Though some might chalk our business success up to dumb luck, I like to think it’s the result of conversations we had around the dinner table after long days of…

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Enjoy Life to the Fullest in 2016

Live Again With Testosterone Replace Therapy It’s a new year, compadre. The latest updates show “Enjoying Life to the Fullest” to be the most popular New Year’s resolution for 2016. (BusinessWire) What would it look like if you enjoyed your life to the fullest this year? The calendar flipped to January and now you have…

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VA Study Debunks Concerns About Testosterone Treatments

A September 2015 study by Veteran Affairs reveals that men with hypogonadism (clinically low testosterone levels) experience a reduced risk of cardiovascular and stroke-related health incidents when their testosterone production is restored to healthy levels. (EurekAlert) The VA database study featured 83,010 participants age 50 or older who were examined at VA facilities from 1999…

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What’s making the office jerk so jerky?

Do you know a guy who’s just a domineering jerk? Maybe he’s the office gorilla who tries intimidating everyone else in the workplace. You know the guy, the former homecoming-king-turned-Regional-Manager without the sales chops to match his big talk. He couldn’t sell rubber to a tire factory, but for whatever reason, he’s in charge… and…

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Is Beer Really What Every Man Needs?

Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer while watching football or after mowing the lawn? Popping the top off an IPA is a great way to unwind and enjoy the moment. Of course, you probably know that hops are a main ingredient in beer, specifically IPAs. What you might not know is that hops are…

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Do you stink at flirting?

Men, are you insecure around an attractive woman? Do you find it hard to hold her attention when you flirt? Does it seem like other guys have no problems picking up women compared to you? It may be because your dating game is getting sabotaged by your testosterone, or more specifically, your lack thereof. Wayne…

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