Too Much Sugar, How Does It Affect Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone Levels

Too Much Sugar, How Does It Affect Testosterone Levels? Too Much Sugar, How Does It Affect Testosterone Levels? You might be surprised at how sugar can affect testosterone levels. Click here to learn its affects and what you can do about them. Keyword(s): testosterone levels Sugar has become an epidemic in this country. One-third of…

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Does Low Testosterone Affect Fertility?

does low testosterone affect fertility

Are you and your partner struggling to get pregnant? The problem could lie with testosterone. But does low testosterone affect fertility? Read on to find out. In P.D. James’ novel The Children of Men, humanity is no longer fertile. We’ve stopped producing children and the world is a very bleak place. The human race faces…

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Low Testosterone Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Low Testosterone Treats Erectile Dysfunction If you’re considering low testosterone treatment, think about this: your low libido or erectile dysfunction is just a few side effects of low testosterone. If you are considering testosterone therapy or testosterone replacement therapy, it may be the cause behind your low libido or erectile dysfunction. But, as we all…

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Can Vitamin D affect your health? Is it related to diet? Heart health? Or your health in general?

Can Vitamin D Affect Your Health Vitamin D has consistently been connected with advancing sound bones and joints. In any case, it has been as of late found that it has numerous other wellbeing points of interest also. A portion of the wellbeing ailments that vitamin D may include: Cardiovascular Ailment, Diabetes, Wretchedness, Growth, Respiratory…

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Are you comfortable going shirtless for summer?

Gain Muscle Again You’ve heard the question before: “Shirts or skins?” Does your team want to keep their shirts on or take them off? Playing without a shirt may be one of the most underrated competitive advantages. The best defender on the court will completely change their game when it comes to guarding ‘the old…

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Tulane University study makes key connection for men with type 2 Diabetes

Testosterone Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Researchers at Tulane University recently discovered a hormone-signaling pathway used by testosterone to help regular blood sugar levels in aging men. (ScienceDaily) Study findings published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism reveal a potential treatment pathway for physicians to treat insulin intolerance in aging men with low T. Male…

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Is this summer the year to get rid of your Dad Bod?

Ready to get rid of your Dad Bod? Last summer saw the short-lived craze celebrating the “Dad Bod”. Leonardo DiCaprio was praised for having a less-than-fat-but-sure-not-toned abdomen and some Hollywood tidal wave pushed the “Dad Bod” as the new standard of male sexiness. The Dad Bod tells the world, “I lift weights every once in…

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