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Is There a Connection Between Testosterone and Diabetes Type 2?

testosterone and diabetes type 2

Did you know that an estimated 23.1 million Americans have a diagnosis of diabetes? Among these diabetics, only about 5% have Type 1 Diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This leaves 95% with Type 2 Diabetes or some other blood sugar problem. ABC News reported that one in every four…

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An Unhealthy Duo: The Highs and Lows of Cortisol and Testosterone

cortisol and testosterone

Did you know high levels of stress can actually block your body’s response to testosterone? It gets worse: significant increases in stress produce a hormone called cortisol, who lowers your testosterone levels dramatically. Here’s what we know for sure: according to researchers, there’s an extremely unhealthy link between high levels of cortisol and testosterone. Want…

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What Does Low Testostrone Mean for a Woman?

low testosterone levels in women

As a woman, you may be more focused on your estrogen levels than testosterone. After all, estrogen and progesterone are your prominent hormones – or at least, that’s what popular medicine tells you. However, even though your testosterone levels play second fiddle to estrogen, you will notice if your levels are imbalanced because testosterone plays…

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Do You Have Overtraining Syndrome?

overtraining syndrome

Men are 54% more likely to meet the recommended guideline for aerobic activity. This is more than women; only 46% meet these guidelines. Exercise becomes more important for men as they age; exercise keeps off unwanted weight, helps reduce your anxiety and depression, and strength training helps increase your testosterone levels. But exercise does come…

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