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Trials with Testes: 7 Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

signs of low testosterone in men

Studies have shown that approximately 1/4th of men suffer from low testosterone. The men who suffer from this condition find themselves fatigued, lethargic, and even depressed. These effects present themselves in a number of ways, some of them physical, some of them emotional, and some of them psychological. Do you have low testosterone? Here are 7 signs…

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Labs for Libido: How to Test for Low Testosterone

how to test for low testosterone

If you’re worried about testosterone, you’re not alone. About 25% of men over 30 have the same problem.  Thankfully, with the right testing and treatment, you can get a handle on this problem, whether you’re 35 or 75.   First, your doctor will confirm your testosterone levels through a blood test. Don’t worry, even if you…

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T on Your Plate: 5 Testosterone Boosting Foods

testosterone boosting foods

Hey big man, are you feeling . . . not so big? That may have to do with the levels of testosterone you’re not producing. If you’re over the age of thirty, you’re losing your natural levels of testosterone with every year. It’s a natural process that we’ll get into more detail about later. But…

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