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Tulane University study makes key connection for men with type 2 Diabetes

Testosterone Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Researchers at Tulane University recently discovered a hormone-signaling pathway used by testosterone to help regular blood sugar levels in aging men. (ScienceDaily) Study findings published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism reveal a potential treatment pathway for physicians to treat insulin intolerance in aging men with low T. Male…

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Is this summer the year to get rid of your Dad Bod?

Ready to get rid of your Dad Bod? Last summer saw the short-lived craze celebrating the “Dad Bod”. Leonardo DiCaprio was praised for having a less-than-fat-but-sure-not-toned abdomen and some Hollywood tidal wave pushed the “Dad Bod” as the new standard of male sexiness. The Dad Bod tells the world, “I lift weights every once in…

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