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Why “one size fits all” medical treatments can be dangerous

A Boston marathon qualifier and a 300-lb. right guard for Mizzou have very different training regimens. Telling a marathon runner to block the nastiest, meanest linemen in the SEC would be a horrible decision. At the same time, an offensive lineman trying to run the Boston marathon may be the literal death of him. If…

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4 body imbalances that can affect your mood

Hormone Imbalances That Affect Your Mood

Hormone Imbalances That Affect Your Mood A beautiful sunshine morning can be enough to kickstart a great day… except for you. No, you’re the one who people steer clear of as you grumble your way through the office and plop into your desk chair. Maybe that isn’t you though; maybe you want to have a…

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What good can blueberries and citrus do for you?

Fruit and Testosterone

It’s as inspiring for your confidence as a man, as having to wear high heels every day. When the time is right and your pre-launch goes flat, you know you’re in trouble.  If you’ve ever experienced these issues, you know how embarrassing it can be. The good news is that a recent study proves the…

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