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Why men in their 50’s should avoid energy drinks

Nobody likes that 2:30 feeling, the one that commercials tout as the prime time for an energy drink. If you’re like most men your age and you also hate coffee, grabbing an energy drink may seem like a good solution. Before you do, ask yourself, “Can my heart handle an energy drink?” Energy drinks can…

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Kick the sugar dependency to have the energy for your afternoon

It’s 2:47 in the afternoon. You’re slouched at your desk. Yes, you’re working, but if you’re really honest, you’ve been staring at the same sentence for five minutes. It’s happening again- that 3:00 energy escape. The mid-afternoon hits and your motivation lasts as long as sunscreen at a nudist colony. You need sugar, so what…

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Are you on the right diet?

You’re a man and you have the diet that reflects your manhood. A filet mignon medallion with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy and a shrimp skewer on the side isn’t just dinner; it’s another notch on your man card. Whether you’re a steak and potatoes type of guy or a king crab connoisseur, you eat…

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and regaining your manhood

You’re taking testosterone replacement therapy and starting to feel great… until you notice your testicles starting to shrink. What the-! Should you stop taking testosterone? Why are your testicles shrinking on testosterone? It’s because your brain isn’t sending the right chemical signal. TRT raises your body’s total testosterone levels, which can yield great results, like…

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Do you want to make America great again? Take back your manhood.

We are America, home of the quarter-pounder, Craftsman wrench, the quarterback blitz, and jawbreakers. We invented “old school” and took the rest of the world to class. We’re undefeated in world wars, owners of more inventions than the rest of the world, and the number one nation for immigration. You know why? Because people want…

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4 Ways Your Bathroom is Making You a Woman

Your bathroom is a minefield of testosterone killing products.  These products can have a significant effect on a man’s biochemistry:  decreasing testosterone, increasing estrogens, lowering sperm count . . eating away at your “manliness.” Here are 4 products that you must avoid: Personal Lubricant: Many of the major brands of personal lubricants contain “Parabens.” There is an…

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