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Institute of Medicine’s clincal trial shows benefits of treatment in aging men

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published findings from a one-year trial study of serum testosterone concentration treatments in older men. Study moderators assigned 790 men age 65 and older with clinical serum testosterone levels of <275 ng/dl and hypogonadic symptoms. Study participants received either testosterone gel (AbbVie AndroGel 1%) at a dosage of…

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Do you want to feel like your younger self again?

There are many symptoms of hypogonadism (clinically low testosterone production), some that can go undetected for years and potentially contribute to more serious health conditions, such as cardiac events or Type II diabetes. Thankfully, there are equally as many benefits of receiving testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT as it’s often called, is…

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Can men get menopause?

Let’s talk about male menopause… are you feeling awkward yet? You may not believe it, but male menopause is a term sometimes used to describe the decrease in men’s testosterone levels. However, the concept of male menopause is very different than the type of menopause experienced by women. In fact, the term “male menopause” is…

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Need to reduce stress? Try a Guys' Night Out.

It’s safe to admit it: you’re stressed. Maybe it’s your new project load at work or your boss being a pain. It could be that life at home isn’t fun right now with the kids or your spouse and you’re feeling stretched to the breaking point. What you may need is a guys night out,…

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