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3 Exercises to Naturally Improve Testosterone Levels

You’re not 21 anymore, and that’s probably a good thing. While you may not be the sleek and trim self you used to be back at good ol’ State U., you have noticed you feel less potent and weaker than even five years ago. Your doctor says it’s your testosterone: the tank is getting low,…

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What qualifies as low testosterone?

Research shows that one out of every four men age 30 or older suffers from low testosterone, even though only one out of 20 men displays clinical symptoms of low testosterone. (ABC News) The effect of hypogonadism (clinically low testosterone) is more prevalent than many of us realize. It’s helpful to know what testing parameters…

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Men with low testosterone are at greater risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

The symptoms and signs of low testosterone (hypogonadism) are well-known: erectile dysfunction (ED), decreased sex drive, mood swings, depression, difficulty concentrating, decreased muscle strength and mass, lack of energy, and more. Studies show that aging men with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from low testosterone. (Diabetes.org) Thankfully, the belief that men…

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VA Study Debunks Concerns About Testosterone Treatments

A September 2015 study by Veteran Affairs reveals that men with hypogonadism (clinically low testosterone levels) experience a reduced risk of cardiovascular and stroke-related health incidents when their testosterone production is restored to healthy levels. (EurekAlert) The VA database study featured 83,010 participants age 50 or older who were examined at VA facilities from 1999…

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What’s making the office jerk so jerky?

Do you know a guy who’s just a domineering jerk? Maybe he’s the office gorilla who tries intimidating everyone else in the workplace. You know the guy, the former homecoming-king-turned-Regional-Manager without the sales chops to match his big talk. He couldn’t sell rubber to a tire factory, but for whatever reason, he’s in charge… and…

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Low T isn’t just your Dad’s problem

Testosterone helps us feel vibrant and alive as men. Young men have rightly earned the mantel of being full of testosterone, which is clinically proven. What isn’t as clear is why more and more men in their 40s, 30s, and even younger are suffering from low testosterone. It is uncommon for young men to have…

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