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What's The Right Amount Of Testosterone For My Body?

If you’re like most guys suffering from low testosterone, you may wonder how much testosterone your body needs. What’s the right amount of testosterone for your body? Can you have too much testosterone? What are the “numbers” you need to know about your testosterone? What’s “free” testosterone, and how is that different from total testosterone?…

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3 Types of Testosterone and How They’re Made

If you’re like most guys, you know your testosterone levels are important. You also probably think the only type of testosterone you need to worry about is your total testosterone. Look, Chief, there are three basic subtypes of testosterone and yes, your body needs all of them to thrive. Say hello to the three main…

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What Your Blood Isn't Telling You

The most reliable method of testing testosterone levels is through blood draws. As you start your testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) process, it’s not enough to simply know your total testosterone count. Your blood may show a healthy testosterone level over time, but it may not tell you other vital health numbers. There are several key…

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