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Do you stink at flirting?

Men, are you insecure around an attractive woman? Do you find it hard to hold her attention when you flirt? Does it seem like other guys have no problems picking up women compared to you? It may be because your dating game is getting sabotaged by your testosterone, or more specifically, your lack thereof. Wayne…

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UCLA Professor Claims Testosterone Therapy Only for Specific Men

A UCLA professor testifying before a Food and Drug Administration joint meeting stated his belief that only certain men should receive testosterone therapy treatment. Ronald Swerdloff, MD and professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, appeared before the Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management…

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Healthy Testosterone Helps Guys Drop The Man Midsection

Healthy Testosterone Let’s be honest- the middle man is getting in the way, and by middle man, we mean your Michelin man midsection. No offense to Michelin, but that spare tire needs to go! You’ve tried crunches, sit-ups, dieting, even hot yoga, not that you’d ever admit to even trying hot yoga. So far, nothing’s…

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Low T Made Me Do It

Low T St. Louis Are you an honest guy? We hope it’s because you’re a gentleman, but your testosterone may have more to do with it than you realize! A University of Bonn study shows that testosterone, the main sex hormone in men, is also a supporter of social behavior, including honesty. (Science Daily) The…

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