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Healthy Guys Root For the Cardinals

Being a part of Cardinal Nation is a tremendous privilege. Stan the Man, the Birds on the Bat, and Busch Stadium are all part of what makes St. Louis the best baseball city in America. Watching the Cards take the field is enough to make any man feel more alive, but it may also be…

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AACE Endorses Low T St. Louis Method for TRT

AACE Low T Treatment Many men are asking these questions and more to see if a boost in testosterone is just what the doctor ordered. A March 2015 consumer alert by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) questioned the safety and efficacy of testosterone treatment based on a lack of established evidence. (FDA) Despite this,…

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Why Dudes Need Testosterone

You’re a dude. You like buying things with a motor, carving up a ribeye, and sitting in your favorite chair belching your way through the 4th quarter. This is just part of what makes you feel like a man, so what does testosterone have to do with it? Does it really make that much of…

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Low Testosterone Could Be In Your Genes

Low Testosterone Could Be Genetic You have your dad’s hair (or lack thereof), your mom’s sense of humor, and your grandpa’s quick wit. What you also have is a full set of family genes, some good, some bad, and some ugly. Your genes include a genetic variant of serum testosterone concentration, according to a study…

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Biggest Loser Community Challenge

Welcome to Low-T St. Louis’ Biggest Loser Community Challenge!! Our program is strictly supervised by our Registered Nurse. Our patients are never left to “wing it” on their own. Our program offers people the opportunity to work one-on-one with a licensed professional and together work toward developing new lifestyle habits that will sustain your success with the…

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Red Wine Boosts Testosterone and Athletic Performance

Alcohol with Testosterone Treatment Drinking red wine may increase athletic performance by naturally increasing testosterone levels, according to researchers at Kingston University in London. Testosterone is considered a performance-enhancing hormone by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and is banned from consumption in a myriad of competitive sporting organizations. Additional study results also showed that red wine…

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