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Jamie Allman Interview with Kevin Meuret

Jamie: Ladies and gentleman, Kevin Meuret in the house. How are you doing buddy? Kevin Meuret: I’m great. How are you Jamie? Jamie: From the Low T St. Louis. Kevin Meuret: Yeah. Jamie: Man, you guys do great work. I love going there and seeing all the happy faces of my listeners. Kevin Meuret: Oh…

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Poor Sleep Destroys Testosterone

Testosterone Symptoms: Poor Sleep Affects and Destroys Testosterone Men who sleep less than five hours a night only one week experience significant decreases in testosterone, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Eve Van Cauter, PhD, study director and professor in medicine, shared, “As research progresses, low sleep duration…

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5 Things Dad Did Right

“What would my dad think about this . . .”  That exact thought goes through my mind.  The impact of a father on his children is profound.   He can either set a standard for them to strive for . . . or an example to run from.  I was fortunate to be one whose father set a…

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Dude….Your Estrogen is Low!

Low Estrogen Men with low testosterone levels can easily fall into the trap of blaming testosterone for all of their symptoms. The reality is that the human body is filled with a variety of hormones, not just testosterone. One of the biggest culprits in low testosterone production is estradiol, or estrogen in men. Health Benefits…

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Food that Powers Testosterone

Low T

Testosterone production is crucial for helping men maintain a healthy lifestyle. One in four U.S. adult men aged 30 and older suffer from low testosterone. (ABC News) Testosterone replacement therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s helping men of all ages regain a vibrant hormone balance. There are also several foods that can naturally increase…

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