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Endo International unveils Natesto testosterone nasal gel

Trimel BioPharma SRL announced the sale of acquisition rights to NATESTOTM testosterone nasal spray to Endo International plc in December 2014. (PRNewsWire) NATESTOTM is the first commercially available testosterone nasal gel for replacement therapy in adult men suffering from low testosterone with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) approval received in May 2014. NATESTOTM has received noticeable reviews…

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No correlation between TRT and cardiovascular risk, study says

A recent publication by Abraham Morgentaler, MD in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings challenges previous claims that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increases risk of cardiovascular disease among users. (Mayo Clinic Proceedings) According to Dr. Morgentaler, “There’s no good evidence that we could find that testosterone therapy increases cardiovascular risk. That’s not to say it’s perfectly safe. But we…

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Natesto nasal gel shows promise in testosterone treatment

Trimel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently unveiled the Phase III clinic trial results for its new NATESTOTM testosterone nasal gel at the 2015 Endocrine Society Meeting in San Diego. It is the only FDA-approved (May 2014) nasal testosterone replacement therapy and has already produced significantly positive clinical results.  The Phase III trial monitored the effectiveness of NATESTOTM in over 300…

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