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Deflate Gate Exposed

Low T Symptoms Don't Shrink Testicles

If you have not heard of deflate-gate, you may have been living in a cave.  Every news outlet is focused on ball deflation and how that may affect performance.  We have the facts and will expose the truth.  Deflate-gate is real and here is how it happens. EQUIPMENT MANAGER- JUST DOING WHAT HE IS TOLD. Men…

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Testosterone Blasts Stored Fat

testosterone blasts body fat

Low testosterone has many symptoms that affect guys day to day: loss of muscle mass, energy decrease, poor mental focus, poor sleep, and decreased libido. The most common reason men seek treatment from our physicians is due to weight gain They just CANT shake the belly fat and want us to help them crush it.…

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Low T St. Louis Stands with First Responders

Stop Low Testosterone

Low T St. Louis has dedicated the remainder of January to helping those who keep us safe.  Last fall was rough in St Louis . . . nothing good came from it.  Our city took a hit in many ways,  including the postponement of a major fund raiser for Backstoppers, the Guns N Hoses event originally scheduled…

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#2 Reason Andro-Based Gels Did Not Help Your Low T

#2 REASON TESTOSTERONE GELS DID NOT WORK:  Your Skin is DESTROYING the active testosterone in the gel before it hits the bloodstream.  Low Testosterone or Low T, is caused by decreased free testosterone in the blood stream.  Many men have tried andro-based gels without success.  Reason number 2 that Sandro-based gels fail are that it is your skin’s job. …

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