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Testosterone Helps Guys "Get It"

Return Testosterone Levels to Normal

Low testosterone has a big impact on men’s lives.  When testosterone drops below optimum it results in:  weight gain, poor sleep, weakness, fatigue, weak erections, depression and decreased libido.  Men don’t just wake up one day with low testosterone and all the symptoms, the effects come on slowly . . . in fact the changes are so…

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4 Ways Your Bathroom Can Make You A Woman

Your Bathroom can affect your testosterone levels

Your bathroom is a minefield of testosterone killing products.  These products can have a significant effect on a man’s biochemistry:  decreasing testosterone, increasing estrogens, lowering sperm count . . eating away at your ” ma n resume”. Here are 4 products that you must avoid: Personal Lubricant: Many of the major brands of personal lubricants contain “Parabens”. There is…

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Benefits of Testosterone Treatment

free testosterone is the key to treating low t

Men who suffer from low testosterone, or Low T, complain of: fatigue, weakness, poor sleep, poor concentration, decreased strength, loss of muscle mass, and decreased libido. When blood tests confirm a testosterone problem, they can be successfully treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The blood test of total testosterone is one piece of the puzzle,…

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